May 20, 2011

Rudraksha Mala for Peace, Love and affection.

Combination Of Rudraksha :-
One Face -1 Bead
Two mukhi - 3 Beads
Three Mukhi -3 Beads
Four Mukhi - 2 Beads
Five Mukhi – 3 Beads
Six Mukhi - 3 Beads
Seven Mukhi -3 Beads
Eight Mukhi -1 Bead
Nine Mukhi – 1 Bead
Ten Mukhi - 1 Bead
Eleven Mukhi – 1 Bead
Twelve Mukhi -1 Bead
Thirteen Mukhi -1 Bead
Fourteen Mukhi -1 Bead
Gaurishankar - 1 Bead
Ganesh Rudraksha -1 Bead
1 Bead of Gaurishankar Rudraksha.

Benefits :
This mala has very strong energies and the wearer gets the benefit of  the powers of different mukhi rudraksha beads with the major effects:
To attract love into your life.
Protection & balance.
Wealth, long life, good luck and safety.
If you are suffering with your partnership, or having lonely life, wearing this mala will bring family happiness soon.
this combination is highly powerful for strength, victory, longevity, love romance, fidelity, dignity, intelligence, wisdom. Wearer will find the unity and strong support from the family as well as people at work.


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  2. The wearer gains power of knowledge ( Rudraksha ) and creativity when blessed.

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