Apr 12, 2009

Gaurishankar Rudraksha.

Gaurishankar is a special Rudraksha formed by Two rudrakshas naturally joined in to each other on sides. This is regarded as the form of Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati. This rudraksha is highly effective in helping husband and wife identify each other. It is one of the best Rudraksha for peace and comfort in the family.
This Rudraksha is highly helpful in destroying obstacles that occur in ones life. A Monk wearing a rosary of 32 beads of Gaurishankar Rudraksha is believed to possess immaculate powers. They believe that it protects the wearer from the adverse effects of the Planets and helps one in the path of spirituality and Peace within oneself.
Those who are facing obstacles in Marriage, Family happiness, Fertility, Loyalty, Happiness and Family comforts should wear Gaurishankar rudraksha.

Powers of Gaurishankar Rudraksha :-

  • Best Bead for a Married couple as it helps in destroying any misunderstandings between Husband & Wife.Keeps the Family bonded with Love and Affection.
  • This rudraksha is worn by people to attract general public towards them. Highly regarded by the Business & Politics Community on the lookout for Public Support.
  • Highly effective in preventing prematured Deaths.
  • Suitable for those facing obstacles in Marriage.
  • Neutralizes the negative energy of the planets on the wearer.
Mantras to be Recited for Gaurishankar Rudraksha :-

!!Om Gaurishankaraya Namah!!

Cost in USD :125.00

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  1. I have read Padmapuran, Bhagwat purana, Rudraksha Jabalapur Upanishad and Aksha mala upanishad to know more about Rudrakshas. Its no where mentioned about "Gauri Shankar Rudraksha".

    Instead in Padma Purana, it's clearly mentioned two joint beads should never be worn. Some thing like this Gaurishnkar Rudraksha.

    Not sure in which script it's mentioned about it. Very very confused why many people buying and wearing it.


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