Mar 20, 2009

Fourteen Face Rudraksha

This Rudraksha symbolizes Lord Shiva. It controls the Medulla Plexus (known as AJNA CHAKRA), which is located between the two eyebrows. The wearer of this udraksha is freed from cycle of birth. This Rudraksha is highly effective in opening the Ajna Chakra, thus improving visualization power.

It awakens the sixth sense, thereby helping the wearer to foresee the happenings in near future. It helps the wearer to make right decisions in his endeavors. Its wearer gets rid of all the calamities, miseries, worries. It provides the wearer safety and riches.

Fourteen Face Rudraksha gives strength to one who wears it regularly. This rudraksha is highly effective for people who face problems related to conceiving. In such cases both husband and wife should wear it. This gives the wearer fourteen kinds of knowledge and influence in all walks of life. The wearer of this rudraksha receives Name and Fame from all the Directions.

This Rudraksha awakens the power of intuition and sixth sense of the wearer by awakening the Ajna Chakra. This Rudraksha is also said to bestow the power of foreseeing the future events and therefore the wearer is able to take decision in a right direction.

Businessmen, Senior managers can have huge benefits by wearing this Rudraksha as it increases and sharpens their acumen by improving their foresightedness. This Rudraksha helps the wearer to Judge people he interacts with.
Mantras to be recited for Fourteen Face Rudraksha :

Om Namah (Shiva Puran),
Om Namo Namah (Mantra Maharnava),
Om Nraam (Padma Puran),
Om Dum Maam Namah (Skand Puran),
Om Aum Hasphrem Khaphrem,
Mahamritynjaya Mantra,
Om Namah Shivaya.

Cost in USD : 525.00

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