May 13, 2011

Meditation Mala or Rosary.

Rudraksha can be worn in different combinations for the various benefits . The benefits and the combination of beads used in the Meditation Mala has been briefed in detail.
Benefits :
Wearer of this mala is blessed with pure thoughts and creative powers. It helps in meditation and removes the problems faced during yogic practices. It controls the brain, strengthens memory and sharpens intelligence. It enhances concentration power. It prevents all kinds of tumors in brain. Complete sadhana and removal of negative thoughts from ones mind are other effects of this mala. 

Combination of Rudraksha :
Two face -1 bead ,Three face-1 bead, Four Face-1 bead , Five Face -1 bead ,Six Face -1 bead , 
Seven Face- 3 beads, Eight Face -1 bead, Nine Face -1 bead , Ten Face -1 bead , Eleven Face -1 bead ,Twelve Face -1 bead, Thirteen Face -1 bead , Fourteen Face -1 bead , 6 mm small five Face - 95 beads and Gaurishankar Rudraksha - 1 bead.
Mala made with above mention rudrakshas beads. All Rudrakshas used/selected must be high quality beads. Mala is designed in thread with silver flower caps as spacer.


  1. THis is the first time I have heard of the Rudraksha.

    It sounds like it can provide a lot of benefits to us all.

  2. Good information! Thanks for sharing it with us on your blog.

  3. Excellent information with unique content and it is very useful to know about the information based on blogs.
    Rudraksha mala


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