Jul 16, 2011

Siddha Mala for Business Stability.

Rudraksha Mukhis.
One face
1 bead.
Two face 3 beads.
Three face 3 beads.
Four face 2 beads.
Five face 3 beads.
Six face 3 beads.
Seven face 15 beads.
Eight face 2 beads
Nine face 2 beads
Ten face 2 beads.
Eleven face 1 bead.
Twelve face 2 bead
Thirteen face 1 bead
Fourteen face 2 beads.
Gaurishankar 1 bead.
Ganesh rudraksha 1 bead.
Benefits of this Combination.
This is a powerful Mala for success in business as it increases volume of business.  It neutralizes the black magic.This mala also helps to correct the Vaastu problems that arise at the centre of Business.


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  4. Rudraksha beads have been used since ages for various benefits.The powers radiated by Karya Siddha mala is due to multiple effects from the different face / mukhi rudraksha bead combinations aligned in the mala.
    Benefit of Rudraksha

  5. Yes I have heard about Siddha Mala and Indra Mala too. Indrakshi and Siddha combination are said to be very powerful.


  6. Rudraksha beads has proved that it has lot of benefits.

    Importance of Rudraksha Beads


  7. Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those onOriginal rudraksha in Tamil Nadu

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