Jun 25, 2011

Siddha Mala for Achievement.

Rudraksha Mukhis.
One face
1 bead.
Two face
3 beads.
Three face
3 beads.
Four face
2 beads
Five face
3 beads
Six face
3 beads
Seven face
3 beads
Eight face
2 beads
Nine face
2 beads
Ten face
2 bead.
Eleven face
1 bead.
Twelve face
2 bead
Thirteen face
1 bead
Fourteen face
1 bead
1 bead.
Ganesh rudraksha
1 bead.

Benefits of this Combination.
  • The powers radiated by Karya Siddha mala is due to multiple effects from the different face / mukhi rudraksha bead combinations aligned in the mala.
  • The wearer is blessed with extreme fortunes and health.
  • The powers of this mala enable in effective and smooth completion of work.
  • This mala is worn for obtaining success in all endeavors.
  • This combination is highly effective in helping one to attain siddhi, prosperity and success. The wearer is blessed with success in work and business.
  • The wearer is blessed with fulfillment of desires, power, wealth and authority. 
  • The wearer experiences a yearn for perfection and accomplishment. This particular mala removes any obstacles in the path of success.

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