Mar 24, 2008

History of Rudraksha.

Rudraksha has fascinated people across the world due to its mystical properties. It is amazing that a seed of a fruit grown on trees has gone on to receive so much attention and created so much interest worldwide. Apart from Hindu religious saints, its users vary from artisans, housewives, academicians to businessmen, Bureaucrats and Politicians.

Rudraksha has been in use from time immemorial. Its origins are traced to Lord Shiva, one of the Trinities of he Hindu religion. From ancient times, Shiva's images and idols are shown wearing these beads.

Rudraksha is for self-empowerment and for bringing about positive changes from within.It has been generally found that people suffering from hypertension, diabetes, stomach disorders, stress, arthritis and fear get beneficial results by wearing rudraksha. Even disorders like asthma, insomnia and hypertension get cured or controlled by wearing rudraksha alone in some cases and along with fundamental natural therapies or herbal treatments in other cases. Such therapies can be yoga, pranayam, sun therapy and use of ayurvedic herbal products.

Rudraksha beads have been used since ages for various benefits. Rudraksha is generally recognized by the natural deep cut lines on the surface. Each of these cut lines represents the number of Facets on that particular Bead.According to the ancient scriptures, rudrakshas are available from Zero to 38 Facets. Each Facet rudraksha having its own divine and miraculous powers.


  1. How does: "The Seed Of A Fruit" - acquire ' Divine Powers '? This, I would like to hear.... I'm sure that it is a truly amazing story!

    Can these 'Seeds' be: Broken, Smashed, or Burned In A Fire... or will they [somehow] magically resist all such attempts at destroying them? That would be interesting to know... don't, you think?

    The true power in prayer beads - if any may be honestly claimed - is in their meditative and highly useful mind control properties! Certainly, The: Catholics, Wiccans, Buddhists, etc... among numerous others, can concur upon that single fact. By filling one's mind with: "Repetitious and Systematic Incantations" - The One True God [ Yahweh ] cannot be heard amidst all of this mental confusion.

    Of course, this is just my own personal opinion... and I'm obviously "A Heretic."

    1. I dont think there is a concept of heretic in hindu religion, the hindus think of it as "truth is one, the wise call it by different names". So holding a different opinion is welcome.

      I think it is proved that Rudraksha has diamagnetic properties. I have read it on different websites and seen rudraksha videos on youtube. But as with anything , breaking it or burning it causes it to loose its material properties. This is not the "ring of mordor"

      Personally, I feel that these seeds causes fundamental shifts in your personality. Probably because of its electromagnetic properties. These shifts are subtle and you see that reflect in decisions you take.

      An older friend remarked to me that he stopped wearing his 10 mukhi rudraksha because it made him angrier at his home. While otherwise he was calm like a gentle puppy, wearing these made him more assertive and hence angrier.

      Seeds are holy. But as with things relative to religion and faith, it is subjective. If you think something is not holy, then it ceases to be holy.


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