Apr 12, 2010

Siddha Mala or The Garland of Letters.

This is a special and most powerful Mala containing high quality one bead each of 1 mukhi to 14 mukhi rudraksha – in addition to one Ganesh Rudraksha and Gaurishankar. This mala is considered as a collector’s item. The mala can be worn in Gold or Silver. To get the most out of the mala, it is advisable that Siddha mala be worn in Gold. 

Purpose of Siddha Mala:

• Siddha mala with proper alignment of beads is called as the 'Akshara malika' (garland of letters). It is believed that the mala is possessed with the powers one can achieve by reciting all the ‘Saptha Koti mantras’ (There are in total seven crore mantras).
• This mala is highly effective for ambitious people who want to be highly successful in their achievements.
•Siddha mala is very effective when worn on the body during the time of meditation as it balances all the Chakras. The mala is a powerful remedy for curing / healing chronic ailments.

As this mala consists of 1 mukhi to 14 mukhi rudraksha beads, all the powers of the respective facet beads can be experienced by wearing this single mala.

Mantras to be recited :

Om Namah Shivaya!!


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